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  • Our Comics drawing students are very talented

  • ✅Develop Spatial Thinking

    ✅Promote Creativity

    ✅Problem-solving Abilities

    ✅Improve the Ability to Focus

    ✅Strengthen Fine Motor Skills

Ana Balaval with Around Town WGN was very impressed from our Young Architects My Dream Room Summer Camp

  • "THANK YOU again for the classes you offer. My daughter NEEDS a creative outlet and at home we do not have the space for her to grow in this way. She has thrived so much since starting these classes and seeing how happy it makes her is worth every minute of every class."

  • "My kids have been with AnetaArtClasses for several years. They have been offering after school programs in our school. I'm glad we found them. Their classes are very original and creative. I like how easy it is to switch from online to in-person when we need to, and I am very happy with their costumer service-very helpful and thoughtful guys"

  • "My three kids have been in AnetaArtClasses for four years.
    Ever since we found these classes my children do not want to try anything else. They are so excited every time when we go and cannot wait for the next week's sessions.
    We have been in the Comics class, Young Architects and their gym class. They are very valuable classes."

  • Harper College InZone  is our partner

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  • We partner Schaumburg Park District from many years

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  • Hoffman Estate Park District we work together

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