Hooray back to school

After school programs: Young Architects, Comic Drawing , Kids Artpainting, Sweing and Fashion Design , Youth Athletic Developments

Everything is awesome

when you are part of creative team

In-person and online classes

Design your dreams with us!

How our classes will benefit your child

*Reduce stress

*Improve the abilities to focus

*Promote Creativity

*Develop Problem-solving Abilities

*Build self-confidence

Craft Adventure

Free Events for students and parents
Our Craft Adventure free events are grate opportunity for parents and students to try on their crafty skills, have quality time together and over all have FUN. Everything is awesome when you are part of creative team.
Very often, on our events, kids discover that their parents are super hero craft masters, something that they did not know before that. Kids need to have super hero to fallow, so parents do not miss this opportunity
Spots are filling quickly, do not delay

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Art and Wine

Our Art and Wine program is excellent opportunity for adults to try and enjoy our craft and art.
After hard working week
we offer very relaxfull and enjoyable atmosphere in our very restful oasis in Schaumburg.
AnetaArtClasses is often a place where our students discover that they have talent and are powerful craft masters.
After few sessions with us, our students improve significantly their fine motor skills, fill confidents, more relaxed, well centered an calm.
Bring a friend and buy two tickets for $40 use promo code FRIDAY on check out. 

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What students are saying about our classes

When students dedicate comics to their teachers, this means that this teacher touched their hearts very deeply. This teacher is super hero because is already in the comics:))
Dear students tank you so much for your appreciation and creativity!

What mothers are saying about our classes

I love the opportunity anetaartclasses is giving us - parents and students to work together shoulder to shoulder.
I got so much fun and quality time with mu son.