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In-person and online. Starts March 3

Fun with friends is back? Hooray!

classes in-person in our Schaumburg location

Yarn Dolls

This event will be dedicated to a very old Bulgarian tradition. On March 1st, Bulgarians are making boy and girl dolls with red and white yarn and connecting them together. It is believed that this will grant the entire family strength and health. The cool part of this about this is that you can choose your own colors as well. Open your mind and learn about different cultures!

This event will take place on February 26th, from 6 pm to 7 pm at our Schaumburg location.

It is open for students 8-12 and their parents.
Fathers, don't be shy! We love to see crafty guys on our team.
Spots are very limited so RSVP yours today!

This event is a great way to try our craft in general.

Parents are free!

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Hot Lambada Night

Our last event was amazing

Wonderful afterschool time

Comics, Be Your Own Artist, Duct Tape Art, Architectural and Interior Design classes