Pre-teen - what happens with a child’s development?

Pre-tense working in our Young Architects Class

For us, this is a golden age in which the child is not yet a teenager, floating in a hormonal ocean. This is the age when children are so open to learning and truly willing to develop their fine motor skills.

How will our Art Programs help your child?

✅Improve the Ability to Focus
Promote Creativity
Develop Problem-solving Abilities
Build Self-confidence
✅ Strengthen Fine Motor Skills

Statistics show that kids going to art classes in pre-teenage achieve more in life.
All of our creative programs are designed to foster our students' imagination, build self-confidence and develop fine motor skills

What happens during Pre-teen age?

Pre-teen is when a child realizes there is so much to explore outside the home and family.

At that time, your kiddo is no anymore a helpless little buddy. Your child wants to be more independent and have more freedom, but you, parents, still consider them immature and often limit them with rules and prohibitions such as "don't touch the glue gun! You will get burned.

But what if your kids learn how to work with glue guns or how to safely cut, design, and start to create their own stuff and create more and more?
Imagine if your child is designing in your garage or basement instead of gaming for hours. 

At the pre-teen age, the child begins to look for new models to identify with. Therefore, our center offers a creative, supportive model, the place where kids can meet other creators of the same age with whom to exchange ideas, discover new things and develop fine motor skills, as well as work with mindful professional teachers with many years of experience in teaching art and craft for children

Art is #1 recommended from physiologist for children's development

Recent research shows that Art Painting, Drawing, and Crafting are the main drivers for child development, instead of using classic STEM classes, or Dancing for example. 
Why? Because in art and craft projects, students learn to use both hands at the same time, which promotes equal development on both, the left and right sides of the human brain.
Parents, you play a very important role in your child's development journey
As a parent, you make decisions on what your child will have access to - gaming or developing their creative side.
Very often, you, parents are saying, “Oh, I can teach my child to do that….sewing, for example; however, the truth is, in most cases, you will not have time, and your child will end up doing nothing and decreases their abilities instead.

Developing creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills take consistent work from the student, dedicated teacher, and supportive parent. This is a long journey and does not happen with a single class. Not that most of our outstanding WOW artwork is created by students who have been with us for several years
The longer they are with us, the longer they retain their skills and solidify their knowledge.
Taking one single class is just one drop in the ocean.