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Young Architecst Design Set

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The Young Architects Design Set is specifically designed as a supply kit for our online Young Architects Programs, available for both our life and self-paced classes. This kit aims to provide all necessary supplies to our online students to help them build fantastic, supermodern houses while attending our courses. Please note that the Young Architects Design Set is not intended to be sold as merchandise in any market.
This Supply Kit include one of our many model houses - Villa Glory

About Villa Glory House Design Project

The one distinctive feature of this house is the many windows, which allow us to incorporate natural light from outside and enjoy a fabulous view of nature around us.

You can design the same model in many styles, whether going super modern or using organic shapes and natural colors.

How about a private World Cup?

This is just a cool idea of how you can design your house 

How about private World Cup?

See more cool design ideas 

Watch the sample video tutorial.

This set includes supplies for one student and includes: 

*Villa Glory house base

*Belonging furniture

*Felt - selected colors

*Acrylic Paints – selected colors 

*Washable Markers

*Air-drying clay

*Tracing paper

*Multimedia paper

*Kitchen paper towel

*Fabric Glue

*Two brushes

*Wood sticks

*Foam blocks  

*Extra cardboard pieces for  kid's imagination

What is not included but you need it.


*Glue gun + glue sticks


*Just a little help from an adult