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Young Architects Kids Design Classes in Schaumburg

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Welcome to Young Architects, our highly sought-after-school program where creativity meets structure in the exciting world of Interior Design Classes for Kids. Designed for children aged 8-14, this year-long, ongoing class quickly fills up due to its popularity. It offers a dynamic blend of design, art, craft, and STEM, all powered by imagination.
Throughout the year, students will complete three main interior design projects: "My Dream Room," "Glass House," and "The City of the Future," along with several smaller projects.

We have different models in this class dedicated to famous architects or architectural styles

Beautiful design from Young Architects student

2024-2025 Junior Advanced Sewing Certificate Program

For the 2024-2025 academic year, we are excited to offer our Young Architects Certificate Program as a comprehensive, year-long course. We proudly reward dedication and achievement by exclusively awarding certificates to students who complete the entire school year. To ensure ease of payment, tuition fees will be conveniently billed on a monthly basis and automatically deducted from your designated payment method.

The school year starts on September 3, 2024, and ends on May 22, 2025.
Important Dates:

Class Schedule:

Day Wednesdays | Time 6:15-7:15 pm  | age 8-14  

No Classes On:

    • November 23-30: Thanksgiving Break
    • December 23 - January 4: Winter Break
    • March 24-29: Spring Break

Make-Up Classes:

  • Make-up classes for inclement weather will be scheduled for up to two days at tIf your child misses a class due to a serious reason, we will assist in getting them back on track. Commitment and consistency are crucial.he beginning of June. 
  • If your child misses a class for a serious reason, we will help them get back on track. Commitment and consistency are crucial.

Glass House part of young architects afterschool program for kids in Schaumburg

A girl is showing her beautiful Glass House.

Key Benefits of Our Creative Art Classes for Kids

  • Develop Critical Spatial and Logical Thinking Skills: Essential for young architects.
  • Enhance Attention to Detail and Color Perception: Sharpen visual skills and aesthetic sensibilities.
  • Boost Problem-Solving Abilities and Focus: Tackle design challenges with innovative solutions.
  • Improve Fine Motor Skills and Multitasking: Learn to handle professional tools and manage multiple design elements.
  • Learn to Use Professional Tools and Create Original Patterns: Dive into the real world of interior design.
  • Gain Opportunities for Better Professional Achievements: Lay the groundwork for future success in design-related fields.

City of the Future as part of Young Architects Afterschool program

Outstanding City of The Future Designs

Curriculum Highlights of Our Designing Classes for Children

Major Projects

  • Fall: Create a Modern Dream Room by designing and building a 3D model that reflects contemporary interior design trends.
  • Winter: Design a minimalist Glass House using modern materials that blend seamlessly with nature.
  • Spring: City of The Future will focus on urban planning, design, and fun, engaging projects that encourage creative thinking and practical skills.

Ongoing Activities in Our Drawing Classes for Kids

Throughout the year, students will engage in numerous smaller projects focusing on various aspects of interior design. These activities will allow students to:

  • Experiment with different materials and textures.
  • Learn about color theory and lighting.
  • Explore furniture design and space planning.
  • Develop decorative skills for modern living spaces.

Each project, big or small, is designed to enhance understanding of modern design principles and foster a creative and analytical approach to interior architecture.

Instructor Profile
Mrs. J is a main teacher for Young Architects Program. She has 15 Years of experience teaching Interior Design and Architectural Classes

Led by Mrs. J (Evgenia Petrov), with over 15 years of experience in teaching interior design, Mrs. J brings a wealth of knowledge and an exceptional ability to unlock each child's creative potential.

Why Choose Young Architects?

Our program is not just about design; it's about preparing young minds for future challenges through practical, hands-on activities that stimulate both brain hemispheres, ensuring comprehensive development. Many schools across the USA, both private and public, have incorporated Young Architects into their afterschool programs or art curriculums, a testament to its effectiveness and popularity.

Get ready to be amazed by what your child can achieve with us at Young Architects – where every session is a new adventure in learning and creativity!

Why Our Programs Stand Out: A Guide for Parents

Why Our Programs Are Important for Your Child

Dear Parents,

We understand that you want the best for your child, and we're here to help! Our programs are specially designed to help your child grow and develop in a fun and relaxing way.

Benefits of Our Programs:

Our classes are designed to use both hands at the same time


  1. Balanced Brain Development: Our activities use both hands at the same time, which helps stimulate both sides of the brain. This boosts your child's overall development.
  2. Fine Motor Skills: By engaging in our programs, your child's fine motor skills will improve, making everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable.
  3. Spatial Thinking: Our activities help children develop spatial awareness, which is important for understanding the world around them.
  4. Aesthetic Development: We focus on improving your child's appreciation for beauty and art, helping them develop a keen sense of aesthetics.
  5. Color and Detail Sensitivity: Our programs make children's eyes more sensitive to colors and details, enriching their visual understanding.
  6. Relaxation and Stress Relief: Many children are enrolled in numerous activities that can be exhausting. Our programs help children relax and unwind, reducing stress and promoting well-being.

The Importance of Commitment and Punctuality

Mother ang her doughter are very happy to take home their beautiful Young Architects Project

We believe that consistency and punctuality are key to your child's success in our programs. The more students participate, the better they become. Each session is carefully planned to teach important lessons that contribute to your child's overall development. By attending regularly and arriving on time, your child won't miss out on any valuable learning opportunities.

Regular attendance not only enhances their skills but also fosters a sense of routine and discipline. These qualities are essential for their academic success and personal growth. Being committed and punctual helps children understand the value of time management and responsibility, which are crucial life skills.

Moreover, each session builds on the previous one, creating a cohesive learning experience that maximizes the benefits for your child. Missing even a single session can disrupt this continuity, making it harder for your child to keep up and fully benefit from the program.

Future Career Opportunities

Many parents dream of their child becoming a doctor or an engineer one day. But where do children develop the necessary skills, such as skilled hands for a surgeon, for example? Our sewing and craft programs are perfect for this, as they help children develop fine motor skills and precision.
Our creative programs are designed to incorporate both hands

Or if your child aspires to be an engineer, where can they learn to draw, work with scales, and understand 3D spatial perception? Our young architects program for kids is designed to nurture these skills, providing a solid foundation for future engineers and architects.

Regardless of what career path your child chooses, they will undoubtedly become a creative and happy, balanced individual. There is nothing better to develop creativity in children than our creative programs. These programs not only prepare them for potential future careers but also enrich their overall development and well-being.

We know you see your child's talents and want to nurture them. Instead of overwhelming them with too many activities, choose the ones that truly matter. Our programs are designed to support your child's growth in a balanced and enriching way.

Thank you for considering us. We look forward to helping your child thrive!

Warm regards
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