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Beginners Digital Sewing Class for Kids: Self-Paced Video Tutorials

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Do you have a creative child at home?
Do you want to help your child to develop their full potential?
Do you have time for driving, searching, trying, dropping off, picking up, and so on?

Our Self-Paced Kids Sewing Class to the Rescue 🦸

Kids Digital Sewing Class for Absolute Beginners - A Fun Introduction to Basic Sewing Skills and Techniques for crafty kids aged 10 and up

Needle cushion one of the project in this kids digital sewing class for beginners

Special bonus

Because we want your child to succeed and have the freedom in sewing craft, all enrolled students receive a special FREE bonus: our Sewing Operation Class (value $99). Your child can learn how to operate and maintain their sewing machine and this video tutorial will be handy if they are in new sewing situations and do not know what to do.

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Learning is convenient from anywhere in our modern world, making digital classes an excellent opportunity for new-generation kids worldwide.
With 15 years of experience teaching young students to sew, we have developed a methodology to help students understand sewing easily and build fundamental skills. In this online sewing class, we have included our students' favorite projects to make sewing learning a fun and creative experience for your child.
This class is suitable for students aged 10 and above. If your child is younger, parental or guardian supervision is required until you are confident that your sewing master can work independently and safely.

Sewing Self-paced class for kids 10 -14
What are the benefits of this Digital Sewing Class for Your Child?

This Craftsy course offers hands-on activities for students aged 10 and up to accelerate:

✅ Creativity

✅ Problem-Solving Abilities

✅The simultaneous use of both hands

✅The ability to focus

✅Track of multiple tasks

The skills students will walk out of this class with

  1. Students will learn to sew.
  2. Develop fundamental sewing skills.
  3. Learn to track multitask
  4. Improved ability to focus
  5. Sharpen their eye for detail
  6. Foster creativity
  7. Last but not least
  8. Improve fine motor skills

What if you don't enroll your child in this creative program?

Well, no matter how creative and talented your child is, their talent will fade out without your support, and all we said above will not matter.

Support your talented child today in starting to create.


Dripping Content 

Students receive a new lesson once they complete the previous one.
Your child can do this class at their own speed. Some kids like to take their time and do as many details as possible. Some kids are faster and more excited about what is next.

What does your child need for this class?

here are the supplice students will need for this intermatiate sewing class for kids

✅Sewing machine, of course

If you have not bought one yet, here are our recommendations:
Please do not use your grandma's sewing machine; it is very heavy, and your child will try to lift it, believe it or not.
Use a simple mechanical sewing machine with a front-load bobbin, Singer or Brother.  They are not that sensitive and easy to maintain. Usually, these models are under $200 and will serve your child and you for a very long time if you take good care of it.
Please watch our recommendations for sewing machines in the sample video below.

✅Cool fabric - the more your child has, the more projects will do
✅ Stuffing and sewing threads
✅Basic tools: pins, ruler, seam ripper, school pencils white and regular ones, black sharpy, scissors( please see my video recommendation below)
✅Entusiazum and good mood 😀

Beautiful Napkins - one of the projects from our digital sewing class for kids

More than ever, our world needs creative thinkers.
Let us nurture your skilled young craftsmaster and open up new opportunities. Let's embark on this creative journey and unlock your child's potential.

What are the projects in this fun sewing class for kids?

there are the projects inclided in this digital kids sewing class
  1. Introduction to sewing
  2. Dining table napkins
  3. Hair Scrunchies
  4. Needle Cushion
  5. Squishy Pillow
Students receive a new assignment once they have completed the previous one.
New skills are introduced, and existing skills are strengthened with every new project.

For whom is amed this class?

This class is designed for crafty young students who love to craft with their hands.
Parents sign up your child because your child wants to do it. Do not sign up because you like sewing. Without love, there will not be progress.
Attention Parents ⚠️
Before signing in to this class, your child must be able to place their feet flat on the floor when sitting on a standard chair. If they can’t, they will not be able to operate their sewing machine and our advice is to wait a little bit for them to grow.
No worries, time is so fast.

Who is teaching this class?

Hooray for Mrs. A! 🧚
Every year, Mrs. A teaches a thousand young students how to sew.

See Samples Video Lessons

Here you can see sample video lessons from our Kids Sewing Class for Beginners.

1. Sample video Our recommendation for sewing machines

2. Sample Video: Our recommendation for scissors and how to use them

What if my child needs additional help?

Our video tutorial carefully covers everything your child may need for this sewing journey.
Please check out both courses - Sewing Machines Operation and Sewing for Beginners. If you need more help, you can book a private 1:1 consultation here.

Why Choose Our Creative Online Programs?

Learn from Home: Easy and accessible from anywhere.

Fun Learning: Our courses are engaging and enjoyable.

Hands-On Experience: Activities that use both hands for better learning.

Focus and Multitasking: Improve concentration and juggle tasks easily.

Problem-Solving: Enhance problem-solving abilities.

Fine Motor Skills: Get better at detailed tasks.

Attention to Detail: Notice the little things.

Spatial Thinking: Develop a knack for understanding spaces and designs.

Overall Development: Boost general growth and learning.

Creative Skills: Learn drawing, pattern making, and more.

Professional Tools: Get to know various tools used by professionals.

Positive Mindset: Cultivate a can-do attitude.

Patience: Learn the value of taking it slow.

New Opportunities: Open doors to exciting future possibilities.

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Getting to Know Us

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