Giving back

Our classes, are making our community colorful.
We have been inspiring kids with our creative classes for more than 10 years to design their dreams into a reality.
Our innovating DIY art and craft classes are important spiritual nutrition for students at their early youth development. We round our talents by making them feel strong, and smart as superheroes. Our goal is to touch as many hearts as possible 

It is very important, what happens in kids early life.
AnetaArtClasses is helping every year hundreds of students to develop spatial 3Dimensional sensitivity, aesthetic and fine motor skills.
In our class, and craft projects we teach our students to be creative and self-confident or just being themselves
At AnetaArtClasses we also understand the importance of re-cycling and keep our home planet clean, therefore, our classes are Eco-Friendly and we teach our students to reuse, preserve the material and keep the environment clean.

How do we support our community.
We believe that art is core key in early child development,
our Art and DIY craft classes help students build essential life skills - motor skills, problem-solving, decision making, etc. - and it gives them a feeling of confidents 

We partnership with local PTA organizations, Schools, Park Districts and different local kids related organizations.
- A part of our program fees goes to PRA fundraising programs.
- We offer scholarships for students who cannot afford our classes or have excellence performance at school
- We organize free events, where our local parents and children can join us and work should to shoulder on a beautiful art project. Our events turn info colorful festiva.
-  A % of every sale goes to different charity programs to support kids world wide.

Our mission is to create awareness and appreciation of the arts in the society and how it can help young minds to achieve their life-goals.


  • Mother and son working together on a project

    Mother and son working together on a art and craft project

  • two girls working together on a craft project

    Our craft classes are often the beginning of new friendship

  • a family is working on city of the future

    A family is working together on a New City of The Future