Summer Camp at Harper College InZone In-person & Online

Where to send your kids this summer? Visit the Harper College InZone Summer Camp

Harper College InZone Summer camp is the best summer camp for children in 2022. This beautiful college boasts a beautiful yard and endless activities to make every day better than the next. If your child is between the ages of 6-14, this is the place to be this summer.

About the Camp


Curious minds need space to thrive, and your child is guaranteed to love every minute of their time here. Our camp focuses on sports and enrichment, helping your kid to boost their intellectual and athletic development. 


North-west suburbs in Illinois  are very lucky to raise the future leaders and heroes of the world in our very own backyard at Harper College InZone.

Camp in-person or online

Our camp gates are wide open to all Americans and international students in 2022, whether you’re visiting in person or online. Similar to our coveted After School Classes, we’ll deliver all the supplies you need to ensure your children have a wholesome experience from anywhere in the world.

When kids learn together, play together and bond together, they become more productive, collaborative, and open to different perspectives. Make it happen this summer.

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Benefits of Harper College inZone Summer Camp

Career Oriented

Give your child the full college course experience in an easy-to-understand and fun way. We don’t discriminate. Every child has a chance to learn with confidence from their future college tutors. We are different departments so I do not know if this applies, I mean different teachers

Independence Driven

Ready to give your child a lesson in independence and responsibility? At our Summer Camp, they’ll get first-hand experience in stepping out on their own. Harper College has a huge campus with tons of room to explore. It may seem intimidating at first, but they’ll be making new friends and having fun adventures all summer long.

We know what you’re thinking. My pre-teen running loose and wreaking havoc across a college campus? Don’t worry. They‘ll be under the careful supervision of our Student Aids. Drop them off in the morning, and we’ll take their safety and well-being from there.

Additional Safety Features, exclusive to Harper College InZone Summer Camp

  • All student aids & teachers are trained in first aid response
  • Competent & professional nurse on standby
  • Masks requirements will depend on the situation
  • Each class is sanitized with powerful purification
  • Every teacher is fully vaccinated or regularly tested

Our Courses

Harper College Summer Camp is extremely flexible. We’ve combined the best of our after-school classes for kids into an easy-to-navigate schedule. Pick different classes per day, as many as your child desires, and let the fun begin!

In-Person Classes

  1. Young Architects
  2. Craft & Fashion
  3. Duck Tape Art? YES

Online Classes

  1. Young Architects
  2. Painting and Drawing
  3. Interior Design

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We’ll see you this Summer!

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