School Enrichment Program Young Architects

This Interior Design program offers hands-on activities for students aged 8-14 to boost:

✅ Students' Creativity

✅ Problem-Solving Abilities

✅ Fine Motor Skills

Our world needs creative thinkers more than ever. Educators can use this Easy-to-Teach enrichment program as a school art curriculum, occupational therapy, or afterschool program to help students improve their school performance and, in general - to become more

Young Architects is a program incorporating  Art, Craft, STEM, and Imagination. This enrichment program teaches students about perspective, proportion, and work with scalеs while improving their aesthetic skills and challenging students' problem-solving abilities. 

Both hands are incorporated and used simultaneously, stimulating both hemispheres and accelerating the child's development and agility. Our innovative program sharp the eye and improve the ability to focus.

How does it work?

Young Architects is very easy to be taught by your art school, afterschool teacher, оr ОТ, but requires basic or some craft skills.
It is Easy-to-Teach with our ready premade design sets, free video tutorial, and live support.
We will provide you with everything you need for your students to design fantastic, super-modern houses.

What are the benefits for your students?

Many parents have reported back to us that their children’s school performance significantly improved.

✅Develop Spatial Thinking

✅Promote Creativity

✅Improve the Ability to Focus

What are the benefits for your school?

Our innovative educational design program will bring significant value to your school, and parents will be pleased that their kids can be part of this great opportunity.

✅Big Enrichment for Students

✅Small Investment for The School

Creative and Fun School Art Coruculam or Afterschool



Case studies of how art and craft accelerate child development

Many types of research show that the best way to improve the general students' school performance is to be involved in Art and Play-out activities. They are the main help for kids to relax and is a primary key to better-focusing ability and faster thinking.

Our innovative design program is created to simultaneously incorporate both hands, stimulating both hemispheres, accelerating general child development, and sharpening their critical thinking. 

Our educational craft project teaches students to organize and keep their projects clean and tidy, which also transforms into their out-of-school life. 

Many of our parents have shared with us that since their child has been attending our Young Architects Program, they have started to be better organized, value and better manage their time, keep everything tidy and purposeful, and feel more confident. 

Their school performance improved significantly.
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  1. "I like Young Architects afterschool club, it is bringing value to our school."

A principal of one of our local schools where we provide Young Architects as an Afterschool.
"Thank you, Mrs. A, for this amazing class. We will see you for the next session."

Sad group of students on the way out caring for their beautiful houses in our winter session at Willow Bend Elementary School, where we provide them with our afterschool program for many years

     3."OMG, I love my son's design. It is so beautiful!"

Sad, one of our student's mothers from Willow Bend Elementary.

Last but not least

When kids are young, no matter how talented they are, if no one helps them to develop their talent, they will lose their potential. 

As educators, we should not let this happen. All kids deserve better lives and opportunities to become more.


Cost and MPO?

MPO Set for 10 students with a free video tutorial and  two video calls cost $999

For larger orders for 50 students and over, we offer discounts
For quotes, please get in touch with us or call us at 773 319 7024