School Enrichment Program Young Architects

 Young Architecst Develops Creativity
Young Architects Enrichment After-school at Willow Bend Elementary

Are you looking for an enrichment program to inspire all your students?

As educators, we know how hard it is to deal with different likings, preferences, skills, moods, and
knowledge. We also know how hard it is to find one enrichment program to improve the students' general performance. Most programs exclude students with low school performance or require certain skills.

Get all with Young Architects Enrichment Program

Young Architects offers hands-on activities for students aged 8-14 to accelerate:
✅ Problem-Solving Abilities 
✅ Fine Motor Skills

Educators use this Easy-to-Teach enrichment program as a school art curriculum, afterschool program , or occupational therapy to help students improve their students school performance and help them BECOME MORE

Young Architects is a program incorporating Design, Art, Craft, STEM, and Imagination. This enrichment program teaches students about perspective, proportion, and work with scalеs while improving their aesthetic skills and challenging students' problem-solving abilities. 

Both hands are incorporated and used simultaneously, stimulating both hemispheres and accelerating the students' development and agility. Our innovative program sharpens children's eye and improves their ability to focus.

The picture above is from our Young Architects Afterschool Program at Willow Bend Elementary, where our students are very eager to create and cannot wait to come back for our next class, year after year, for so many years.

How Does it Work?

We develop Young Architects as very easy to be taught by your school’s art, afterschool teacher, оr ОТ. The easy way we create our enrichment program requires just basic craft and aesthetic skills.
And we will:
✅ Provide your school with everything needed for your students to design fantastic, super modern houses, including house braces, belonging furniture, and all art supplies.
✅Educated your Art or Afterschool Teacher in two free life webinars, where we will explain all the designing and assembling steps.

What are the benefits for your students?


✅Enhance professional achievement and opportunities

Utilize both hands simultaneously

Improve focus and multitasking abilities

Enhance problem-solving skills

Foster fine motor skills

Develop a sharp eye for details

Enhance spatial 3D thinking

Support overall child development

Learn to draw and create patterns

Gain proficiency with professional tools

✅Students learn to work with a positive attitude.

✅Improve their pation


What are the Benefits for Your School?

Our innovative educational design program will bring significant value to your school curriculum or afterschool enrichment programs. Parents will be pleased that their kids can be part of this great creative opportunity.

✅Enhance Enrichment for Students

✅Small Investment for The School

Creative and Fun School Art Curriculum or Afterschool


Help Your Students to Become More

Young Architects at Little Bulgarian School Young Architecst at Lycee Français de Chicago
Little Bulgarian School  Lycee Français de Chicago
Young Architects at The Catherine Cook School Young Architecta at Harper College InZone
The Catherine Cook School  Harper College InZine


Pricing and What is Included?

For the price of $120 per students, you will receive everything necessary for your student to design a fantastic super-modern house + free education for you Art or After-school Teacher
We have set up Minimum Purchasing Order for 10 sets for the price of $1,200 with included free video tutorials for your teacher and 2 video calls.

The set for 10 students contains: pre-made house bases with belonging furniture, felt-selected colors, acrylic paint selected colors, washable markers, drying clay, tracing paper, multimedia paper, kitchen paper towel, fabric glue, paint brushes, wood sticks, foam blocks, paper tape, and extra cardboard pieces for the students' imagination to design something on their own.

What is not included but you may need:
glue guns with glue sticks, scissors, teacher's supervision and guidance.

We offer a discount on large orders over 50 students 
For quotes please contact us or call us at 773 319 7024,  Monday - Friday from 9 am - 4 pm CT.
For tax exemption please contact us prior to place your order 


Case studies of how art and craft accelerate child development

Many types of research show that the best way to improve the general students' school performance is to be involved in Art and Play-out activities. They are the main help for kids to relax and are a primary key to better-focusing ability and faster thinking.
Many pediatric neurology researches shows that stimulating both brain hemispheres accelerate child's development.

Young Architects Enrichment Portogram offers students the same time to create, learn and relax.
Our innovative design program is created to simultaneously incorporate both hands, stimulating both hemispheres, accelerating general child development, and sharpening their critical thinking. 

Our educational craft project teaches students to organize and keep their projects clean and tidy, which also transforms into their out-of-school life. 

Many of our parents have shared with us that since their child has been attending our Young Architects Program, they have started to be better organized, value and better manage their time, keep everything tidy and purposeful, and feel more confident. Their school performance improved significantly.

Art – an opportunity to develop children's skills - Pennsylvania State University  

How the Arts Benefit Your Children-Publics Schools Revue

Causal Effects of Arts Education-RICE UNIVERSITY



    * I like the value Young Architects is bringing to my school."
Mr. Harris, Principal of Willow Bend Elementary 
"Thank you, Mrs. A, for this amazing class. We will see you for the next session." - Said a group of students on the way out carrying their beautiful houses from our winter session at Willow Bend Elementary School, where we have provided them with our afterschool program for many years.

     * "OMG, I love my son's design. It is so beautiful!"
Said one of our student's mothers from Willow Bend Elementary.

Last but not least

When kids are young, no matter how talented they are, if no one helps them to develop their talent, they will lose their potential. 

As educators, we should not let this happen. All kids deserve better opportunities to become more.

Bring Young Architects to Your School