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Art Painting Program for students aged 8-14

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In this ongoing creative art class for young students, We will explore different styles, techniques, and artists. 
Every artist has been inspired by others before, and that's how new and creative ideas are born. The art world is a complex blend of ideas, colors, and forms.

When is this Art Class for Kids?

Every Thursday
5-6 pm

Spring Dates March 7, 14, 21, April 4, 11, 18, 25 May 2, 9, 16 (no class on March 28)

If you miss a class for some reason, no worries; make-ups to the rescue 
Make-ups for the Spring Semester are on Saturdays, April 27 and May 18, from 10:00 - 11:00 am

Our student is shoeing her project dedicated to Frida Khalo  This two very talented brothers learned about Gustav Klimt

Benefits of our Art Program for Your Child

Help students to calm and relax
Improve their ability to focus
Develop fine motor skills
✅Students learn to work with a positive attitude.
✅Improve their patience

Read here about all the benefits our programs are giving to our students
Painting is a widely used therapy for reducing stress and is popular among occupational therapists for improving sensory processing abilities in children. Calmness is crucial for focusing and performing well in school and life. Our Art program aims to enlarge your child’s attention to detail and enhance their creativity and fine motor skills.

What do we teach in our art program?

We designed this program as a magical space journey in different cultural eras, the history of art combined with seasonal events or holidays.
Some of our favorite artists for our students and us are Jackson Pollok, Andy Warhol, Frida Khalo, Modigliani, etc. Of course, our # one is Frank Lloyd Wright, but this time as an artist. Our focus is to find good models for our students to inspire them.
We use different techniques and mediums; we also like to design 3D projects. Apart from traditional painting, we incorporate unconventional ways of making art, like we turned Joan Miró's art into jewelry or to imagine what it's like to be Frida Khalo; we made elegant hair bands as well as her very extravagant accessories. We love wearing Frank Lloyd's art as a scarf. , in this class, we like to use our hands in max, both, of course, simultaneously to become even more skilled and creative.
As you know, using both hands leads to simultaneous stimulation and development of both brain hemispheres.

Our Art Painting Class for Kids is learning about Claude-Monet.

Our Art Painting Class is learning about Claude-Monet.

What are the career opportunities?

Of course, the most desirable opportunity for an artist is to be in a luxury gallery or private collection, which is entirely possible. Everyone who sets out on a path, as long as they want to walk on it, reaches his/her ultimate goal sooner or later.

Other tremendous and well-paying job opportunities are graphic design and multiple creative job opportunities in the filmmaking industry, such as decor, design, special effects, and more. POP ART printing is very popular in the fashion industry.
And last but not least, any intellectual work that requires creativity and imagination is an opportunity.