Kids Online Art Classes - Problem-solving Hero

AnetaArtClasses Online programs are Problem-solver HeroHey, parents - we heard you because we are also parents like you.
Our online art programs for kids are designed to help your child improve fine motor skills and creativity while also allowing you, as a parent, to save some time for yourself

Save time

Students are participating from the comfort of their homes. Never get stuck in traffic because of this class.
Parents, you can save time for yourself or to focus on another sibling who is not so lucky to have this unique online opportunity.


My child doesn't have time and goes to a lot of activities.

As parents and educators, we believe that excessive activities can add stress to your child rather than help them.
Just think about how much our class will give and help your child, compare it to other classes or activities you are enrolling your kids in, and then decide what is important for your child.
Read more about the benefits from our creative programs

My child may not like it.

Believe it or not, teenagers who are always bored and constantly complain work with the greatest enthusiasm. 

Students and parents consistently give us high marks for class content, student achievement, and overall fun.

five stars revues on google from our families

More screen time- Nope

Even though we are online, this program offers hands-on crafts, design, and engineering activities, exposing students to many problem-solving situations.
Students constantly move and use both hands, stimulating both hemispheres simultaneously, further accelerating the child's overall development.

I don't believe my child can develop dexterity with an online class.

Every year, we teach thousands of children to create with their hands. We have been doing it for 15 years, but the “HAPPY END” results from collaboration among teachers, parents, and students. Your commitment is also crucial.

I'm unfamiliar with this School of Art.

What if I don't like it? Or what if it's fake?

Art and Craft classes for kids aged 8-14. Summer camp and afterschool programs

Your satisfaction is very important to us. We don't want to hold you against your will. You can opt-out anytime, but to fully develop your child's talent, we need to establish a trusted connection and this take time. 
The initial steps are typically the most challenging but also the most important. This challenge is common to all students, not just your child.

We've been teaching children for fifteen years, both online and in person. You can find numerous reviews on Google or our website. Additionally, we are proud partners of local organizations such as Harper College, Schaumburg Park District, Hofman Estates Park District, and Rolling Meadows Park District. We've been offering after-school enrichment programs to many private and public schools, local and from different states.

My child is not serious

You won't believe how motivated children can be, but you need to be an example to them