How do different programs benefit your child?

Have you ever asked yourself what the programs your child is enrolled in are giving them?

Have you thought about the value your child gets from the programs they participate in?

When a child has too many activities scheduled, even if they seem beneficial, it can hinder rather than help their overall development. Overloading children with activities can lead to increased stress, fatigue, and potential negative impacts on their mental and physical health. Research shows that overworked children may become more irritable, susceptible to depression, and more vulnerable to illness.

Considering these findings, it's important for parents to carefully think about their child's schedule and prioritize activities that contribute to their overall well-being and happiness. Studies consistently indicate that personal happiness and confidence are crucial for a child's success, rather than an excessive focus on rigorous academic pursuits or numerous extracurricular activities. Therefore, it's crucial for parents to find a balance and ensure that their child's schedule allows for enough time for relaxation and enjoyment during their formative years.

How our creative programs benefit your child.

Our classes are designed to provide everything necessary for the proper development of amazing children. Just from a single class, your child will receive numerous benefits.

both hands are incorporated in most of our projects

✅Both Hands are Incorporated

Firstly, all AnitaArt Classes Programs are designed to engage both hands simultaneously, activating both hemispheres and enhancing your child's overall development.

✅Foster fine Motor skills

Foster your child's fine motor skills, whether they will become a doctor or a designer, as skilled hands are valued in many professions. Whether it's surgery or other professions, skilled hands are important. Our art creative programs are the best place to develop these skills.

✅ Our Students are Very Handy

Our students become skilled compared to their peers from other art places or classmates. In all our art programs, we include activities such as hand sewing, cutting with scissors, working with the hot glue gun, and sculpting, in addition to regular drawing and painting. All these activities are crucial for a child's 3D and shape perception.

✅Sharp students' eye for details

Throughout the work process, our students develop the ability to accurately measure with their eyes and work with surfaces and volumes due to constant practice. This heightened sensitivity to form and detail is a valuable skill they acquire.

✅Problem-solving abilities

Children need strong problem-solving skills for their development and future success. They learn to think critically, analyze situations, and develop creative solutions as they navigate through various challenges involving composition, color, and detail.

✅Improve the ability to focus

Our students' attention spans improve even though they are learning to keep track of multiple tasks.



Our classes offer a great opportunity for students to move because they are often walking around and moving around their projects and taking lots of steps, they are also working with tools or sculpting, which equates to lifting small dumbbells.


✅Inner peace 

We adults take care to find inner peace, but we ignore our children - and they are much closer than us adults. Inner peace is the key to creativity and making the right decisions.

Children have the unique opportunity to learn everything quickly and easily, and at the same time they have not yet forgotten what inner peace is, so the chance to find it in themselves is outstanding. 
Art is one of the best working tools for finding Inner peace.

✅Help students to relax.

Kids' stress is very often ignored, and believe or not, there are two main stress generators: School and parents.
The school has two many rules: “quiet steps”, “no running”, “no fun”, “pay attention,”….
Parents are signing their children into too many activities, and because the activities are too much, they add additional stress on the kids.
Pediatric Psychologists are recommending Art and creative classes as first aid!
Why not sport? Well, Because of the competitive intent, which is also stress.