Young Architects Creative Art Project for Schools

Are you tired of searching for new age-appropriate projects every day? Are you tired of seeking engaging activities to satisfy most of your students? Are you exhausted from looking for suitable supplies?

Get all resolved with Young Architects Creative Art

As Art educators, we know how hard it is to deal with different likings, preferences, skills, moods, and knowledge. We also know how hard it is to find one Creative Project to satisfy all your students. 

Young Architects Enrichment Program at Willow Bend Elementary School
   Young Architects Enrichment Program at Willow Bend Elementary School


Young Architects offers hands-on activities for students aged 8-14 

In this art and design project, students create 3D houses. Each student works independently on their own models. This creative project incorporates Design, Art, Craft, STEM, and Imagination. It teaches students about perspective, proportion, and working with scales while enhancing their aesthetic skills and challenging their problem-solving abilities.

Both hands are incorporated and used simultaneously, stimulating both hemispheres and accelerating the students' development and agility. Our innovative program sharpens children's eye and improves their ability to focus.

Benefits for Art Teachers

✅Enhance  students’ engagement

✅Save time on seraching for appropriate projec

✅Save time on seraching for supplice

✅Set your curriculum for a semester


Benefits for your students

✅Students partisipated from the comfort of your school

✅Better professional achievement and opportunities

✅Both hands are incorporated and used simultaneously 

✅Improve the ability to focus 

✅Students learn how to keep track of multiple tasks

✅Boost problem-solving skills 

✅Foster fine motor skills 

✅Sharp eye for details

✅ Students develop spatial 3D thinking. 

✅ Improve the general child development  

✅Students are able to draw and make patterns

✅Learn to work with various professional tools

✅Students learn to work with a positive attitude.

✅Improve their pation

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 Our Creative Young Architects Projects at The Catherine Cook School

My Dream Room projects stuket as building Family House Desoign at The Catherine Cook School My Dream Room at The Catherine Cook School


How does it work?

Young architects can be implemented into your art curriculum, set your program for a semester or can be used as an independent semester long Art class.

All supplies are included. We will provide all the necessary resources for your students to create amazing, ultra-modern houses.

✅We will show you how to teach Young Architects with two live training session

What is included in the set? Find more here 


15 Year Educational Creative Developer 

For 15 years as leading educational institution AnetaArtClasses have developing creative art and design projects and providing enrichment programs for many private and public schools and different educational, cultural, and recreational organizations

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Little Bulgarian School - Etno Bulgarian Traditional House Design  Lycee Français de Chicago -Enchated Castle of Secrets

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Schaumburg Park District - Sewing Class for Kids  Harper College InZine - Comics Drawing Class


    * I like the value Young Architects is bringing to my school."
Mr. Harris, Principal of Willow Bend Elementary 
"Thank you, Mrs. A, for this amazing class. We will see you for the next session." - Said a group of students on the way out carrying their beautiful houses from our winter session at Willow Bend Elementary School, where we have provided them with our afterschool program for many years.

     * "OMG, I love my son's design. It is so beautiful!"
Said one of our student's mothers from Willow Bend Elementary.

Last but not least

When kids are young, no matter how talented they are, if no one helps them to develop their talent, they will lose their potential. 

As ART educators, we know how essential art education is for children's general development