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Glass House Architectural Summer Camp

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Part of the InZone/ Harper College summer program.

For students ages 11-14

Type: Youth: In-Person

Days M, T, W, Th, F

Time: 10:35 AM to 12:00 PM

Dates Jun 24 to Jul 05, 2024

Note: No class on July 4

Please note that this class is a two-week camp, every day for one and a half hours.
A full-day camp is available on the Harper College InZone page.

Girl is showing her glass house project

About Grass House Design Project

This particular design project is extremely contemporary and expansive, allowing students to seamlessly integrate the natural outdoor environment and abundant light into their interior design concepts.. 

We call this "Glass House," but we don't use glass at all.
What do we use...our creative concept will surprise you.

Spatial Interior Design - Benefits for Your Child

✅Bolth hands are incorporated
✅Accelerate general child's development
✅Develop Spatial Thinking
✅Design Using Simple Lines
✅Incorporating Outerspace Within the Interior Design
✅Foster problem-solving abilities
✅Develop creative thinking
✅Improve ability to focus
✅Sharp eye for colors and design
✅Develop aestetic perception
✅Streighten fine motor skills