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Kids Birthday Parties

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Are you ready to create unforgettable memories for your young one's special day? Look no further! Our School of Art in Schaumburg is dedicated to making your child's birthday celebration truly magical and unique.

🎨 Kids Painting Birthday Party Sparks

🎉 Let Creativity Flow: Watch in delight as your little one and their friends are amazed by the fantastic party you've organized. From designing their own interior decor items to sewing adorable watermelon pillows or unleashing their artistic talents with painting and drawing projects, the fun never stops at our art-filled parties!

🌟 Tailored to All Ages: Our packages are designed to cater to different age groups and interests, ensuring that every child has a blast. Whether it's customizing projects, providing a stress-free environment, or guiding them through creative activities, our team is dedicated to making your child's birthday a day to remember.

Kids Birthay Paries at AnetaArtClasses School of Art in Scaumburg

What’s Included in Your Party Package?

  • 90 Minutes of Party Fun: Enjoy exclusive use of our party room for a total of 90 minutes.
  • 60 Minutes of Expert Art Instruction: Our skilled teachers will guide each participant through creating their own artwork, which they can take home as a cherished keepsake.
  • 30 Minutes of Celebration Time: Please bring your favorite cake or cupcakes to enjoy during the last 30 minutes of the event. Note: We do not provide cakes or other desserts.
  • Exclusive Venue Access: Celebrate in style with the entire facility dedicated to your party, ensuring a 100% private experience.
  • Package Capacity: This package is ideally suited for 10 students or fewer.
  • Additional Guests: An extra fee of $20 applies for each additional student beyond the initial 10.

Cancellation Policy: Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds in the event of a cancellation, but we are more than happy to reschedule your party. This policy is due to the manual and individual preparation required to create our arts and crafts sets for each birthday celebration.

Home Party Advisory: Considering hosting the party at your home? We kindly advise against it! Take a look at the aftermath in the picture below—a small glimpse of the mess left behind after all the fun. Let us handle the cleanup and provide you with a stress-free party experience.

This is not a Jackson Pollock artwork; this is our floor after true art experiments! 😀

AnetaArtClasses floor after true art experiments! 😀