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The City of the Future- Architectural Summer Camp at Harper College 8-11

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This architectural summer camp is a part of InZone Summer Program.

For students ages 8-11

Type Youth: In-Person

Days M, T, W, Th, F

Time: 10:35 AM to 12:00 PM

Dates Jun 10 to Jun 21, 2024

Note: No class on June 19

Please note that this class is a two-week camp, every day for one and a half hours.
A full-day camp is available on the Harper College InZone page.

About this Architecture Program for Kids

Calling all young master builders - Come and create with us!
Together, we will create the City of the Future, which will be a fantastic place with never-ending fun,
Students develop spatial thinking and sensitivity for scale, proportion, colors, and details in this architecture class.
While students are having fun building the perfect city, they will also learn about the principles of urban planning and infrastructure.
In The City of the Future, We love to recycle and teach our students to do the same. Let's work together, shoulder-to-shoulder, to build a fantastic ECO-friendly city. LET'S GO GREEN!

Benefits of taking this Engineering Design Program for kids

✅Better Understanding of Urban Development

✅Get Familiar with City Infrastructure

✅Students learn how to keep track of multiple tasks

✅Both hands are incorporated and used simultaneously

✅ Accelerate the general child development

✅Promote Creativity

✅Problem-solving Abilities

✅Streghten fine motor skills

✅Develop spatial thinking

✅Sharpen the eye for details and colors

✅Foster logical thinking