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Build Your Own Doll House- Summer Camp at Harper College

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Interior Design Class at InZone/ Harper College Summer Program.

For students ages 8-11

Type: Youth: In-Person

Days M, T, W, Th, F

Time: 10:35 AM to 12:00 PM

Dates: Jul 22 to Aug 02, 2024

Note: Please note that this class is a two-week long camp, every day for one and a half hours. A full-day camp is available on the Harper InZone page.

About Doll House Interior Design Project

Picture the excitement of seeing your child build their own dream dollhouse, bringing all their thoughts and ambitions to reality. This Interior Design course provides a supportive environment for kids to explore the details of planning and designing living spaces. Students will create their own 3-D model dollhouse, encouraging creativity and learning through practical experience.

Designing Your Dollhouse - Benefits for Your Child

✅ Students can develop their design skills

✅They can learn how to organize home and living space

✅Working with scales

✅Promoting aesthetic sensitivity

✅Sharpening the eye for details and colors

✅Fostering logical thinking

✅Improving the ability to focus

✅Boosting creativity and imagination