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Kitchen Design - Interior Design Summer Camp

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Interior Design Camp for Kids at InZone/ Harper College 

For students ages 8-11

Type Youth: In-Person

Days M, T, W, Th, F

Time 9:00 AM to 10:25 AM

Dates: Jul 22  to Aug 02, 2024

Please note that this class is a two-week camp, every day for one and a half hours.
A full-day camp is available on the Harper College InZone page.

Interior Design Summer Camp

This Interior Design Class focuses on the heart of our home- the kitchen- where our students will be introduced to details and principles in kitchen design. This class is more advanced and does not require previous designing skills, but designing the kitchen Requires patience анд more fine motor skills.

Benefits of Kitchen Interior Design for Kids 

This Interior Design class requires more precision and patience from students, resulting in students to:

✅Sharpen eye for color and details

✅Students become more organized in general

✅Develop aesthetic abilities.

✅Foster precision and patience

✅Improve ability to focus.

✅Strengthen fine motor skills.