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My Dream Room Summer Camp

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This interior design camp is a part of InZone/ Harper College.

Type: Youth: In-Person

Days M, T, W, Th, F

Time 9:00 AM to 10:25 AM

Dates Jun 24 to Jul 05, 2024

Note: No Class on July 4

Please note that this class is a two-week camp, every day for one and a half hours.
A full-day camp is available on the Harper College InZone page.

Interior Design Camp- benefits for your child?

✅Promote Creativity

✅Problem-solving Abilities

✅Develop fine motor skills

✅Develop spatial thinking

✅Sharpen the eye for details and colors

✅Foster logical thinking

✅Students learn how to keep track of multiple tasks

✅Both hands are incorporated and used simultaneously

✅ Accelerate the general child development

About My Dream Room Summer Camp

The students' joy is indescribable when they create their dream rooms and fantasies. They have a lot to express, and this project is a direct gateway to their imagination and creativity. In our Interior Design Program, we have witnessed numerous impressive designs, such as a basketball court transformed into a dream room, a European Soccer League bedroom, a Jurassic Park Lab, and more.

Below is a short video description of our summer fun design project for kids

My Dream Room Summer Camp Impressed WGN