Art Classes for Kids - Young Architects

Everything you need to be a Young Architect

Your kid’s imagination is the most valuable asset they have. We’re parents just like you, and we want to ensure children have a chance to bloom and build a better world for us all. Aneta Art Classes is the home for Young Architects to thrive.

About the Course

The Young Architects Course is the ultimate after-school class for children. You can drop them off in person at our Schaumburg IL location or meet us online from the comfort of your home or school. 

Open to all kids between the ages of 8-14. They’ll learn the tricks and trades to becoming the master builders of tomorrow.

It’s super fun and easy to follow along with our Villa Glory Do it Yourself Kits. You won’t be able to resist playing along, and your inner child will thank you for it. Who do you mean? Parents? Let's say it this way “Your child won’t be able to resist playing along, and will thank you for it with a big smile:)”

  • Build self-confidence
  • Learn valuable crafting skills
  • Design and engineer like a pro
  • Develop 3D spatial sensitivity
  • Understand perspective
  • And so much more
Every Child can Dream | A Safe Space for every kid

We believe every child is gifted from the moment they make it out of the maternity ward. We don’t discriminate, regardless of race or school performance; as long as you’re a curuce kid, that’s all that counts.

Nowadays your kids have all the information in the world at their fingertips. They’re getting smarter by the second, so we keep their growing minds active with our Art, Design, and STEAM classes.

Each course is designed to boost their performance, channel their focus and increase their problem-solving potential. 

Our Methodology

Consistency is key to making it work. As long as your child loves what their doing, we can guide them long-term with new projects, new challenges, and never-ending support and encouragement. 

Two Ways to Play

Give your child the full college course experience in an easy-to-understand and fun way. 

In-Person Classes

  • Extra time to create with friends in Schaumburg IL

Online Classes

  • Open to students in America and abroad

Ready to become a Young Architect?

MEET US IN PERSON  in our Art Center in Schaumburg

MEET US ONLINE  from the comfort of your home or school