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Young Architects Interior Design Program for Kids

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Young Architects is our masterpiece, and classes are filling very quickly. Most of the kids want to stay in this class forever. It is an ongoing program, and each session is a new learning opportunity for our students.
This is absolutely unique Interior Design Program for kids that belong to AnetaArtClasses.
So parents, imagine how blessed your child is for this local opportunity at Schaumburg and the surrounding suburbs.

Dates and times
Thursdays from  6:15 to 7:15 pm
Class dates are March 2, 9, 16, 23, April 6,13, 20, 27 May 4, 11
No class on March 30, spring break

Spring session project is House Near The Lake
This session will focus on the modern interior and gorgeous outdoor design of our luxury model.

House Near The Lake - Spring Young Architects. Mount Prospect


For whom is Young Architects Program?

This program has been designed for creative minds ages 8-12. So parents, if you have a young dexterous in your home, be sure that Young Architects is the right place for this child to flourish.
Boys and girls equally like it because it gives them a lot of hands-on and creative opportunities to learn and, at the same time, design their own things.
Working with a glue gun is allowed in our classroom, making them feel grown and proud.

How will Young Architects benefit your child?

Main benefits of Young Architects Program is that improve creativity








In this innovative design program, students work on 3D projects that enable them to develop logical/spatial thinking and aesthetic skills that sharpen their eyes for details.

Students learn to work with both hands simultaneously, further accelerating their general intellectual development and cognitive abilities.

✅Develop Spatial Thinking

✅Promote Aesthetic Feeling

✅Sharpen the Eye for Details and Colors

✅Foster Logical Thinking

✅Build Self-confidence

What to expect from this creative program?

Simply put, the students design houses and arrange the interior and exterior space, each working on an individual project. Most projects focus on designing different types of models in different styles and with various features. Some models have more windows, while others are taller or wider.

We have different models in this class dedicated to famous architects or architectural styles








We also have projects dedicated to just one room, such as My Dream Room, or to a given space, such as My Classroom.
We have projects dedicated to famous architects like our favorite Chicago’s Frank Lloyd Wright
Or Maise van der Rohe and his Glass House.
Other projects are dedicated to different architectural styles like Modern Design or Gotic, Or the very colorful African Vivid of Nendible
We even have projects dedicated to urban planning, such as The City of The Future, where students have the opportunity to learn more about city and urban planning.
Each session focuses on a different problem.

Not that all of these WOW projects did not happen for a single class. Very talented students did them after consistent teamwork of skilled students, knowledgeable instructors, and parents enthusiasts.

Who is teaching Young Architects Program?

Mrs. J is a main teacher for Young Architects Program. She has 15 Years of experience teaching Interior Design and Architectural Classes








The main teacher for Young Architechs is Mrs. J (Evgenia Petrov) -she is a professional with a degree in Interior Designing with more than 13 years of experience teaching students to design indoor or outdoor spaces. She has a very good sense for hidden creative potential, and she knows how to get the max out of your child's talent.

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