Way our classes

As a partner of Harper College, we develop our afterschool programs as college level professional cources but translated to very easy and sample kids language, created in consideration of child development and fine motor skills. Our classes are very career oriented, we often explain in our classes different job opportunity and help students to develop live important skills like being creative😊
School prioritize several subjects for students learning and performance, which is a very very small part of our daily live. For Art and sport often schools offer very basic programs, which are just try out different technics or games, but nothing deeper. That way places like us are playing very important role in child’s development, especially when the student like to achieve more. Our innovative programs are taking our students deep in different Art, Craft and design directions as well athletic development.
AnetaArtClasses afterschool programs are also  highly respected and recommended  from homeschooling community for the intellectual and at the same time fin art value giving to the students.
Also parents understand more and more how important is for the health and right child’s development our Youth Athletic Development class.
More and more students from Gifted programs are joining us, but our advanced hybrid art and STEM classes are not restricted only to gifted students. Our innovative Art and Design classes are open to everyone egger to go further. For us every child is gifted, just gift is not always in math or language ar.
Gift is often even not in the grade school performants; bit instead has different faces and directions of events. Talent / the real gift comes from the heard not from the mind.