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School Enrichment Program Young Architects

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This set is for 10 students and includes everything necessary for your students to design a fantastic super modern house + free education for you with two life trainings.

Young Architects Creative Set Include:

The set for 10 students contains pre-made house bases with belonging furniture, felt-selected colors, acrylic paint selected colors, washable markers, modeling paper clay, tracing paper, multimedia paper, kitchen paper towel, fabric glue, paint brushes, wood sticks, foam blocks, paper tape, and extra cardboard pieces for the students' imagination to design something on their own.

$0 Investment in equipment for this creative art 

You don't need to invest in new equipment for this creative project. For the Young Architects Creative Project, you can utilize your existing school resources: art classroom, wide tables, or any tables, and your art classroom tools.

What's not included, but you might need: glue guns with glue sticks, scissors, teacher's supervision, and guidance.

We offer a discount on large orders over 50 students 
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