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Sewing for Kids Summer Camp

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Unlock Creativity and Skill Development. Enrol today!

Class Information:

  • Location: AnetaArtClasses Center for Talent Development
  • Ages: 8-14
  • Dates:
    • June 10 - June 14
    • June 24 - June 28
  • Times: 9:00 am - 11:30 am
  • Days: Monday to Friday

Our sewing classes and camps are exceptionally popular and fill up quickly. Please enroll as early as possible to ensure your child's spot.

What Will We Do?

During our Sewing Summer Camp, students will learn basic sewing skills and machine operation. They will also enjoy crafting some of our favorite projects, such as:

  • Teddy bears
  • Fluffy pillows
  • Super-modern tote handbags

Benefits of Sewing Camp:

Hands-On Sewing Skills: Your child will learn essential sewing techniques, including hand stitching and basic sewing machine operations. These skills are not only practical but also foster a sense of accomplishment and independence.

Brain Development: Engaging both hands in sewing activities stimulates both hemispheres of the brain, promoting overall cognitive development. This bilateral coordination can accelerate your child's learning and problem-solving abilities.

Attention to Detail: Sewing requires careful attention to detail, which helps sharpen your child's observational skills. They will learn to focus on intricate tasks without slowing down, enhancing their ability to see and appreciate fine details.

Additional Benefits:

 Positive Attitude: Working on sewing projects in a supportive environment encourages a positive mindset and boosts self-confidence.

 Improved Focus: The concentration required for sewing helps improve your child's ability to focus on tasks, a skill that is beneficial in all areas of life.

 Fine Motor Skills: Sewing involves precise hand movements, which develop and refine your child's fine motor skills, essential for many daily activities.