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Sewing Machines Operation

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This class is essential and a must-take for all students who want to learn the art of sewing.
With Sewiwning Machine Operation, your child will learn how to operate their sewing machine and be independent while enjoying sewing and creating beautiful things.

What your child will learn from Sewing Machine Operation Digital Class

How to thread the top thread
How to put the thread on the bobbin
Thread the bottom thread
Adjust the seams
Troubleshoot and clean the machine in case of thread jams
Maintaining machine cleanliness is a vital practice to prevent complications.
Your child will acquire valuable insights that save time and enhance their sewing experience.

How does it work?

This course is self-paced, offering video tutorials your child can revisit as needed, especially when facing technical challenges requiring resolution. It is essential to review all basic tutorials so your child will know what to expect and how to resolve them in case a sewing machine issue occurs.

What is included

Our recommendation for sewing machines
We recommend using mechanical sewing machines because our many years of experience as teachers show that they are more suitable for young beginners learning to sew.

Universal sewing machine operation tips
All Sewing Machine Operation Tips are Universal and apply to all models and brands.

Revue of different brands and models
We aim to add more models/brands of sewing machines to this section. If you do not see your brand and model, then refer to the top or front-load sewing machine/section one to learn how to operate your sewing machine.
All sewing machines are the same - they look different, but believe it or not, they operate the same way. We also explained how they are the same in this tutorial.

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