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Comics Drawing Summer Camp

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This summer camp is part of the InZone/ Harper College Summer Program. Please note that this class is 2 weeks long, every day for 1 and a half hours.

For students ages 8-11

Dates: June 12th- June 23rd

Times: 1:00 pm to 2:25 pm 

Days: M, T, W, Th, F

What will we do in Comics Drawing Camp?

Let's make together the most potent Superhero with many powers:  shooting flashes,  can fly, transform into animals, being incredibly strong and creative, and above all, defending the good. 

Or let's draw a beautiful princess like Elsa, who freezes everything she touches. Why don't we make the most fantastic Skylander or something like Pikachu?

What are the benefits for your child?

In this class, we like to draw strong characters with many powers, and it is an excellent opportunity for students to develop creativity and fine drawing skills. And overall, to identify themselves with their strong and creative characters

✅Promote Creativity

✅Problem-Solving Abilities

✅Develop Excellent Drawing Skills 

What will students learn from this summer camp?

We know our students have their own stories to tell. But, we try to get more out of their talent, teach them and advance their drawing and composition skills.

All students work on the same theme but simultaneously create different stories and contexts.
At the same time, students learn about composition, the importance of details, and the techniques of line, perspective, and balance. Students discover to express different emotions like happiness, crying, and frightened. We also use different art mediums.

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