After School Classes for Kids Online and In-person

Does your child really need After School Classes? YES

After School Classes are a great opportunity for students to dream bigger & bolder beyond the classroom walls. At AnetaArtClasses, we’re committed to providing your child with a safe, friendly, and fun space to make their imaginations run wild.

Not your average After School Class

Regular schools focus on subjects which is only a fraction of what matters in our lives. We pick up where they leave off with highly engaging After School Classes that push your child to think deeper, play harder and work smarter than ever before. 

A healthy way to unwind

Your child could have all the games and gadgets in the world. Without a healthy space to interact with others and practice valuable life skills, they’ll be left to wander, and it won’t always be in the right direction. Do not let this happen!
Here 5 benefits from our afterschool programs:

  • Reduce the risk of cerebral palsy
  • Improve their sleeping pattern
  • Increase school performance
  • Quell aggression
  • Improve Fine Motor Skills


There’s no limit to your child’s enrichment.  We’ve carefully crafted a hybrid After School Class environment that allows students to interact with each other, learn together and build valuable friendships along the way.

Join us in person @ 1137 Tower Rd. Schaumburg, IL 60173, or meet us online from anywhere in the world. From Schaumburg, IL to the comfort of your home.

Our team ships all the necessary tools to your location, so no child gets left behind.

Young Architects

Unlock your inner architect by creating your dream house from scratch

Age: 8-14

3 yearly sessions

Endless possibilities

Kids Art Painting

Learn the history of art, practice new techniques & bring your masterpiece to life.

Age: 8-14

Materials included

Learn the secrets behind the most famous paintings.

Comics Drawing

Tell incredible stories through illustration and imagination.

Age: 8-14

Different projects every month

All materials included

Sewing and Fashion Design (In-Person Only)

Channel the world’s best fashion designers into your very own signature portfolio. 

Age: 8-14

Three Semesters to sew, seam & style your way to the runway.

All materials included

Youth Athletic Development (In-Person Only)

Trade Fortnite for Fit Life with a high action & super fun physical wellness course.  

Age: 8-14

Learn healthy eating habits, key exercise techniques and conquer agile obstacle courses.

3 Times a week



Harper College Ready Courses

We proudly partner with Harper College to deliver college-level courses in a kid-friendly way. We set the foundation for a successful career using creative outlets, fun activities, and more. 

The Gifted’s Greatest Hope

AnetaArtClasses After School programs accept students from all walks of life. Our advanced hybrid art and STEM classes are open to everyone and highly endorsed by the homeschooling community.

“Every child is gifted. Life is the greatest gift after all!”

Running Late?

We get it, life happens, and sometimes your schedule gets thrown a curveball. Don’t worry, our After School Classes will happily accept your child if they’re early and take care of them if you’re running late.

We keep them busy

Need to get some errands done while you wait? There’s a Costco very close  and a gym right next door, so you can get a few reps in. How about that dinner you left on the stove? Our schedule goes back to back, so you can check the pot while your kids check out their favorite activities.

How to get started?

Now that you’ve got the facts, it’s time to enroll. Visit our course page by clicking the link below. Aneta is proud to be your new home for After School Care.

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