For a child, Art is a blend of curiosity, enjoyment, fun, games and learning activities

The Magic of Art

For a child, art is a blend of curiosity, enjoyment, fun, games and learning activities. Smart parents understand that children learn mostly through the art (hand and visual perception). Through art they get useful life-long skills like: communication skills, problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, creative skills etc. Art is a medium of emotional expression for a child.

For every child, meaning of art is different. Some kids find happiness in creating beautiful mess of colors with their hands, while some treasure the joy through arranging pieces into an exquisite creative architecture. The simple logic behind a kid’s creativity is that they are unstoppable with no limitation. Give them the craft supplies, scissors, crayons etc. and they will create something fantastic out of them with their imagination.

Apart from acquiring life skills, the magic art does is, it relieves stress. Yes, just like adults, kids can also be stressed – creating friendship, handling homework, school assignments, being bullied can be stressful for them. In a published research it was reported that art can help lower the stress hormone – Cortisol.

Art is not just an activity to keep your child occupied and give you a free time; it is a fundamental right of every child to have access to right and valuable art classes. A dedicated professional art teacher with passion can help your student to go deep in their creativity and develop their skills on very high level. Don’t deprive your kid of this fundamental right.