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Choosing The Best Summer Camp For Your Kids

Why let your kids join summer camp?

This summer a lot was done in our summer camp at Harper College InZone:
Fashionable shorts, Amazing Fashion Show with live singing, we built Eiffel Tower in City of the Future, Joan Miro mas in our Be Your Artist; fantastic Mine Craft was made in Duct Tape Art.
Everything is awesome when you are part of creative team

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Summer camp for kids is one of the most important things to attend that can help them get ready for life’s challenges as well as enjoy themselves in a healthy and positive way.


Children not only get some fun learning new things, but they also find an excellent opportunity for their mental development and their physical health. So if you are planning to let your kids join Summer camp, we assure you, it is a great decision!


What is Harper College In Zone Summer Program?


Aneta Art Classes specialize in summer camps for kids ages 8-14. In partnership with Harper College, located in Palatine, Illinois, we present a range of art classes emphasizing interactive learning and innovation.


Our summer camp offers different contemporary art experiences while allowing every young camper to explore their creativity and be exposed to mixed media, painting, drawing, and more!


Harper College In Zone Summer Program

A variety of classes for young learners


We have ten separate art classes that challenge the artistic skills of our campers. These classes allow students to experience different activities, enabling them to try a broader range of educational activities.


Just choose the camp that best fits your child’s interests and let us help them unwind while developing their artistic skills.


  1. Comic Book Creations

We will guide kids to develop their own stories and characters while they learn composition rules and the techniques of line, perspective, and balance used in comic books’ graphic novel world.


  1. Be Your Own Artist

This in-person art class can improve students’ drawing and painting skills and their knowledge about art history.


  1. If Fashion is a Passion

Students will learn the principles of sketching & pattern-making and the unique techniques that the top designers use.


4.Young Architects Frank Lloyd Wright

Inspired by the works of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, this class focuses on teaching kids how to build a 3-dimensional scale model of the interior and exterior of their very own home.


  1. Build Your Own Doll House

This class provides a creative environment for kids to flourish and learn more about planning and designing home space, color schemes, and different styles: contemporary, modern, and traditional.


  1. Modern Design

Students will develop spatial thinking, sensitivity for scale and proportion, colors, and details in this architecture class.


  1. The City of the Future

While students are having fun building the perfect city, they will also learn about the principles of urban planning and infrastructure.


  1. Duct Tape Art

 In this creative environment, students will create stand-alone projects such as jewelry, boats, animals, cities, and even Minecraft characters using duct tape.

 Check out our Super Mario Castle made out of duct tape

  1. My Dream Room

In this class, students will create a three-dimensional interior scale model of their dream room while they learn about contemporary, modern, or traditional styles that best fit their personalities.


  1. Glass House

This architectural summer camp focuses on the works of legendary glass house architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as inspiration. Students will learn how to build a three-dimensional scale model of the interior and exterior of their very own glass home.


Why should your kids join the summer camp?


As parents, you should offer your children an opportunity to join a summer camp to stimulate their creativity, imagination, and curiosity in a very fun way.


Saying this, here are some of the reasons why your kids should join our next summer camp. 


  • Develops life-long skills

Summer camp is a fun adventure for children that offers an opportunity for them to develop new skills that they can utilize for years to come.


  • Reinforces independence

Our camp is a place where kids can experience freedom and independence. When they come home, they surely have stories to tell - skills they've mastered and relationships that have grown closer.


  • Builds self-confidence

Kids often love the feeling of accomplishment they get from learning a new skill or finishing an activity on their own, and summer camps are a great way to boost their confidence in a fun and safe environment.


  • Relaxes kids

Gone are the alarms, schedules, and weekend homework assignments. Although still structured, summer camp is more relaxed than the school routine and provides time and freedom for spontaneous play.


  • Nurtures friendship

Summer camp is an incredible environment to make new friends that last a lifetime. There are many different types of people who attend summer camp and it opens the door for your child to get to know other people that they wouldn’t have had any chance of meeting if they were in their neighborhood.


How to enroll in the program


We make it easy for everyone to join our summer camp. Simply go to our website and purchase the class you want, here.


After you checkout, go to Harper College on the scheduled date of the class and let your kids enjoy the activities we prepare for them. We also offer online classes for children who can’t go physically to our campsite.


If you have any questions, give us a call today. We’ll happy to assist you. Dial 773 319 7024 today.