Boy messing around and turning his mess into a beautiful work of art

Messy Kids? Our Young Architects classes can help with that.

It's a fact: Most kids are messy. 

Luckily, our Young Architects class is here to fix that! 

Sign your child up to build a model of a master bedroom and other unique DIY projects. You can also get our Do It At Home Kit. 

Our classes teach students to keep their spaces clean and organized, which is an essential life skill. Your kids can design their dream room, closet, gaming room, and much more - all while having tons of fun.

Often messy kids have very big talents with big imaginations.

The untidy closet and messy room are very often a galaxy far away, where your kiddo is a Marvel superhero, trying to escape from bad guys and is shutting flashes, or just trying to hide the world from a big explosion. Sometimes your child’s not that well-organized room is an arena for important battles, stage for a rock concert, or just a nice hid and sick place.

When a talent like that comes into our art design classes, they quickly turn into a craft master.

We guide them on turning their ideas into real projects and bring them into the 3D world. 

In our fast going world, parents are busy working, and schools only take care of the school curriculum. Places like AnetaArtClasses take the role of teaching students essential life skills after school. We teach our students to be handy, crafty, creative, and well organized. Students work in a creative environment with other gifted students in our after-school program. So they start seeing each other, exchanging ideas, and helping each other, which turns them into great team players with excellent social skills. At the end of each class, we have clean-up time where students take care of the class equipment together. This makes them more organized, and it turns into a step-by-step routine. Our students start to understand that if they put everything back from the same place, they have found it, making our world better, logical, and easy.

The benefits of art and craft for kids go way beyond fun. Studies have shown that creating art helps support young children in almost all areas of their development!

As a part of the Harper College InZone, Schaumburg Park District, and Hoffman Estates Park District programs, we are proud to say our design class is ideal for nurturing young minds. It teaches them priceless design and organization techniques they will use throughout their entire lifetime.

Here is a list of the ways our Young Architects class will improve your child's life and turn them into a well-organized and smart person!

*Promotes Creativity
* Improves the ability to focus
* Develop Problem-solving
* Self-acceptance
* Stress relieving

It Promotes Creativity

Creativity is the ability to think outside the proverbial box, to string two unrelated ideas together in a new way. Solutions to major problems and breakthroughs of all kinds are linked to creativity.

The ability to be creative is vital to the success of our children and the well-being of our world. Now, more than ever, as we face incredible challenges such as racial discord, wars, global warming, and mass extinctions, individuals, organizations, and governments seek innovative solutions every day.

The world needs more and better thinkers. With Young Architects, your child will learn to think and be more creative, make beautiful spaces and have fun designing their dream rooms. AnetaArtClasses is a space where your child can comfortably express themselves, which boosts self-confidence in kids and makes them more organized in art and craft and at home and school.

It Improves Their Ability To Focus

Our art courses are created to keep our students immersed. Our exciting atmosphere ensures that they focus on the task at hand while still having fun. Your child will work with objects of various textures and sizes. Activities such as placing a tiny pillow on their bed or making a tiny chest for their bedroom, and working with patterns and colors improve their fine motor skills and ability to focus. It also helps their long and short-term memory.

These artistic endeavors and curiosity explorations are not only exciting but also educational. Your child will develop a passion for their work while learning to accept their mistakes and imperfections. Working on their project boostss their self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment, you cannot imagine how proud are they.

Our DIY craft and design classes allow kids to practice various skills useful for life and learning.

It Provides Stress Relief

Children live in big stress like us, adults but are often neglected. Stress in kids' lives often leads to hardship in school, difficulty falling asleep, socializing, and talking. Kids usually don’t receive the stress relief they need. While our classes are educational, we ensure that our students genuinely enjoy themselves during them. Joy and curiosity are the primary tools we use in our methodology.

The creation of art can provide a catharsis for complex emotions, a distraction from stressful thoughts and negative experiences, and a chance to get into a state of "flow" that can be restorative in many ways. It is widespread practice for art painting and drawing to be used in occupational and rehabilitation therapy as tools to take inside out in children and as a stress reliever. Many types of research show that kids much more easily can express their inner self with drawing and painting, instead of talking, also with painting kids are calming more easily than all other arts. There are no sloppy kid artists, but there are adults with no imagination because they did not get a chance to be in AnetaArtClasses.

Studies show that the effects of art on stress reliving and enhance are highly positive!

It Helps Them To Accept Themself

When kids work in a team, they can easily accept their imperfections by seeing others’ mistakes. The understanding of being imperfect - this is the best part of us, which makes us very unique. Making mistakes is part of the learning process, not a reason to torch and blame ourselves.  Understanding and accepting our imperfection in our early life lower the chance of self-criticizing later on, when we are adults, and this voice will be very strong.

Kids realize that they all are different around the age of 7-8, but instead of taking this with pride, they often think individualism is bad. This makes them scared to be themselves as unique young people. We often have students who did not have anyone to explain to them how important they are, that they are smart, crafty, and unique, So AnetaArtClasses usually take this role. Our innovative art classes teach our students to be just themselves.

It Develops Their Problem-Solving Abilities

Having strong problem-solving skills is a necessity in life. Our art and craft class helps your child develop these skills while building and creating interior designs or architectural design projects. Most people think of art as a soft skill, teaching children to appreciate the beauty and encouraging self-expression. However, many child development professionals point to art and craft as the primary way kids develop problem-solving skills. We show them how to design beautiful houses step by step and create all of these tiny beautiful furniture and art pieces. Also, by working in a group, they can see other students' ways of resolving certain situations.

When kids view the art of others, they begin to understand everyone has their own unique perspective on the world. This allows them to realize someone may consider a problem differently than they do. As a result, they can develop new and creative ways to solve such problems.

Creative problem-solving is a crucial skill for any child. It allows them to better socialize and connect with friends as they find new ways to compromise during disagreements. It also helps them better manage frustration, as they'll be able to think of new ways to solve issues. Perhaps most importantly, kids will carry this skill with them everywhere they go. As they grow and attend college or start jobs, they'll be able to use such skills to further their career and life.

If this sounds appealing to you, sign your child up for our classes today!