We are offering After School & Summer Camp classes.
Our classes are an excellent opporunity for kids to devlop crative thinking, motor and communicative skills.
We are so proud of our original idea for our classes. These classes are unique and original to AnetaArtClasses. They are well suited to a child’s development of fine motor skills. Our methodology provides an exciting atmosphere which keeps our students interested in the subject matter and provide the right environment for students to flourish. Our Classes are Eco-Friendly, i.e. they teach students to conserve and reuse materials, while allowing them to experiment with traditional and non-traditional mediums to express their inner-self. Our students and parents consistently give us high marks for enthusiasm, class content, student achievement, and overall fun!
Our goal is to touch our students's heart. In addition the students will learn:

  • * to be passionate about their work
  • * to concentrate and focus on problem/object
  • * over all work with positive attitude.

See our students' art works at Facebook/AnetaArtClasses

We hold classes at:
Harper College/InZone, Catherine Cook School, Schaumburg Park District, Dawes Elementary School, Willow Bend Elementary School