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Villa Glory- build a house on your own

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This DIY House Design Set is an excellent opportunity for your children to design a house on there own with our free video tutorial, their imagination, and a little help from you. 
With our video tutorial, kids can enjoy their independent schedule and speed. 

We have received many calls from parents and students worldwide asking us for an alternative to our Young Architects class. There you go! We created our  Villa Glory -DIY House Design Set

How about a private World Cup?

Just a cool idea of how you can design your house

How about private World Cup?

See your kids, design their own house!
Unleash their power of imagination
Let them roll their sleeves up and design their dreams
Your child will become  Master Builders with this DIY House Design Set!

Our craft projects help children to be creative, to develop motor and communicative skills, be passionate about their work, and to work with a  positive attitude. This is also e great chance for you to spend some quality family time together.

Benefits of our DIY projects are:
*Reduces stress

*Improves the ability to focus
*Promotes Creativity
*Develops Problem-solving abilities
*Build self-confidence
*And have a lots of fun

About Villa Glory DIY House Design Set

The one thing distinctive about this house is the many windows, which allows us to incorporate the natural light coming from outside and the fabulous view of nature around us.
Whether you choose to go super modern or to use organic shapes and natural colors, you can design the same model in many different styles. 
All necessary supplies to build a fantastic house are included in the set

Villa Glory DIY House Design Set includes: 

*Villa Glory house base

*Belonging furniture

*Felt - selected colors

*Acrylic Paints – selected colors 

*Washable Markers

*Air drying clay

*Tracing paper

*Multimedia paper

*Kitchen paper towel

*Fabric Glue

*Two brushes

*Wood sticks

*Foam blocks  

*Extra cardboard pieces for  kid's imagination


What is not included, but you need it.


*Glue gun + glue sticks


*Just a little help from an adult


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