Super Mario Castle - November 8 -Online


Super Mario Castle Online
This Super Mario Castle is part of our duct tape art class which we offer at Harper College InZone In-person only during the summer. The cool part of this activity will be that everything is going to be made from duct tape. Be a part of the amazing Super Mario adventure and help him and his other friends build a castle! 
You can build with us or just watch. Please note that surplice are not provided
if you would like to build your own Super Marion Castle you will need
two colors of Duct Tape
two flat boxes of cookies (even if possible)
three tall bottles of water one litter or 750 ml 
big flat panel/cardboard and printer paper
glue gun and scissors
You can buy them from our websope

This event is for students age 8-12. 
November 8, 6:00 - 7:00 pm 
Students will receive a link to log in in the morning, same day


Spots are very limited so RSVP yours today!