House Near The Lake - Young Architects at Harper College


This is a private class only for students from Quest Academy
Our fall Young Architects class will be dedicated to the beautiful and colorful Autumn House Near The Lake. In this Young Architects class simply we design houses.
This class is a great opportunity for students to develop spatial (3D) sensitivity. Students will learn to manipulate and plan the exterior/outdoor and interior space, work with scales and measurements, pay attention to color and detail, and use different mediums and materials.
Each student is working on an independent project. 

Benefits of Young Architects class are:
*Reduces stress
*Improve the abilities to focus
*Promotes Creativity
*Develops Problem-solving Abilities
*Build self-confidence

Class dates Mondays August 30, Sept 13, 20, Oct 4, 18, 25 and Nov 1, 8, 15
(No classes on Sept 6, 27, Oct 11)
Class time 3:45 pm -5:00 pm