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Art Adventure Program for students aged 6-8

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Spring Break Camp March 27 - 31

9:00 - 12:00 pm at Harper College Mian Campus

Spring Semester dates 
Days and time 
Wednesdays, from 6:15 to 7:15 pm
Dates March 1, 8, 15, 22 (No Class on March 29) April 5, 12, 19, 26, May 3,10, 17 and 24

Many parents of talented children aged 6-8 have asked us to open our doors to young artists, and we have done so because we listen to the needs of our community.

For whom is the Art Adventure program?

If you parents have at your home a young creator who likes to build, design, paint or draw or likes to make some stuff with your fabric - Art Adventure is the right class to discover what is your child's talent is and on which way to go.
If you parents have at home a curious young buddy trying to destroy your house, know that some creators and master builders are like that - they destroy or brake apart to understand how things work - so bring your creator to our ArtAdventure class.
This class will improve in general your child's school performance because of the activities involved in this class. Developing children find motor skills and working with both hands at the same time is spreading up brain development.  This two-in-one will help your kids achieve their full potential!

What are the benefits of this program for your child?

Whether your child will become a doctor, engineer, or designer, this class is an excellent opportunity to start their creative path. Regardless of their future profession, our world needs creative thinkers more than ever, self-confident people with imagination who boldly make decisions and solve problems. Here is how your class will benefit your child

✅Promote Creativity
✅Sharp eye for details
✅Problem-solving Abilities
✅Improve the Ability to Focus
✅Students learn to be patient
✅Develop fine motor skills

For a future surgeon, for example, it will be of great help if he/ she has dexterous hands and can sew - and where else can they learn all this but from AnetaArtClasses

Why did we create this program?

We have gathered a talented and professional team of artists. We care about art, child development, and the value kids are getting- we open our doors for younger talents aged 6-8 to give them access to valuable sources and help them become more

If you are looking for a nurturing environment for your child aged 6-8, then come to us and open doors of unseen potential. We offer classes for kids aged 6-8 to foster creativity, imagination, self-expression, and love for art. Our unique method helps them find their voice and advance their talents.

What do we teach our students in this class?

Our students are exposed to a wide variety of projects and techniques. Our class includes easel painting, classic drawing, comics drawing and crafting--like doll making, jewelry, weaving and more. We teach our students to work slowly, pay attention to detail and work with a positive attitude as their main focus.

Who is teaching this class?

Our main class developer Mrs. A teaches this program. She has excessive experience in teaching young students and designing programs for them. She has degree in Fine Arts and grew up in an artisan craft family. Her background allows Mrs. A to work with a wide variety of mediums and techniques in her creative programs for kids.
Mrs. A created or participated in the program development of many projects for kids for AnetaArtClasses or private institutions.

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