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If Fashion is a Passion- Summer Camp at Harper College 8-11

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This summer camp is in person only and will take place at Harper College's main campus!

For students ages 8-11

Dates: June 27th- July 8th (no classes on July 4th)

Please note that this class is 2 weeks long, every day for 1 and a half hours

Times: 2:35 pm to 4:00 pm 

Days: M, T, W, Th, F

Have you ever dreamed of your child being a famous fashion designer, or perhaps making you a dress? We design our fashion dreams If Fashion is a Passion class for kids ages 8-11.

In this very colorful class, we simply design dresses or skirts, this is a great first step in clothing design. This is a very creative opportunity for beginners and returning students because fashion is a never-ending journey and there is more and more to be done.
If Fashion is a Passion class, students start with white fabric but end the camp with many colors and designs. Each time, we work on different teams, as students in professional fashion design schools. Our students also have the opportunity to use a wide variety of materials to accomplish their fashion ideas. We also work on developing Profesional Fashion Portfolio to teach our students to express their ideas.
Our class is ending with a Fashion Show.

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