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If Fashion is a Passion- Summer Camp at Harper College 8-11

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This summer camp is in person only and will take place at Harper College's main campus! For students ages 8-11.

Have you ever dreamed of being a famous fashion designer, or designing and making your own clothes? Design your dreams with us in our If Fashion is a Passion class for kids ages 8-11.

This Fashion Design class is taking place at Harper College CE main campus where we are holding classes for 10 years.
In this class, If Fashion is a Passion simply, we make our own clothes, also students learn the principles of sketching and pattern-making, along with the special techniques that the top designers use. In this fashion class each session we work on different projects like a skirt, pants, tops...

We also work on developing Profesional Fashion Portfolio to teach our students to express their ideas. Students work on different teams.
Students have a wide variety of materials available to complete their projects
Our class is ending with a Fashion Show.

Time and Dates-

1:00pm- 4:00pm
Dates for summer 2022 are comming

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