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Frank Lloyd Wright Design Camp

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Part of Harper College InZoneSummer Camp

Please note that this class is 2 weeks long, every day for 1 and a half hours

For students aged 8-11

Dates: June 26th - July 7th (no classes on July 4th)

9:00 am to 10:25 am 

Days: M, T, W, Th, F

What will students learn from this architectural camp?

This class is dedicated to the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright and his unique, organic style. This architectural titan is the first artist that incorporates outer space within interior design. His simple geometric shapes and organic colors convey a modern sensibility into his interior design.

Students will try to be like him, using his design principles in their projects.

Wright is best known for his Organic Architecture, which drew inspiration from natural resources combined with the influence of Japanese architecture. He established the Textile style in his architectural projects, which took on an even more linear approach, combined with influences from Mayan architecture.

What are the benefits for your child?

As always, this will be an excellent opportunity for students to develop spatial sense and fine motor skills and sharpen their eye for details.

✅Develop Special Thinking
Design with Organic Shapes and Natural Colors
Incorporating Outerspace Within the Interior Design

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