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Comics Drawing- Program for students aged 8-14

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Parents, do you have a young imaginator at home who loves to sketch, tell stories, and draw different characters? Know you are blessed with a rare talent, and our comic book drawing program is the first step in your child's creative journey to Disney Pixar or Universal Studios as an animator, or a creative director, or any creative job opportunity in the film industry. A well-paying industry that doesn't have big competition compared to acting, for example. The low competition is due to the requirement of specific and rare skills, which people either have or do not have.

Parents, imagine one day going to the movie theater to watch something like the new Spider-Man Across the Spider-verse.
And your child's name is among the creative team, and all because you supported your child's talent.

Comics Drawing Class Schedule

Winter Dates Dec 6, 13, 20, Jan 10, 17, 24, 31 Feb 7, 14, 21 (No class from Dec 22- Jan 7 Winter Break)

Now Enrolling for Spring
Spring dates: 
March 6, 13, 20, April 3, 10, 17, 24, May 1, 8, and 15 ( No class on 27 Spring Break)

We know, from time to time, it is hard to make it, so no worries, make-ups to the rescue. 
Make-ups for the Winter Semester are on Saturdays, January 27 and February 23, from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. 
Make-ups for the Spring Semester are on Saturdays, April 27 and May 18, from 10:00 - 11:00

Comics Drawing benefits for your child. 

✅Develop Excellent Drawing Skills

✅Better professional achievement and opportunities

✅Sharp the eye for details and colors

✅Boost Imagination

✅Develop spatial thinking

✅Sharpen the eye for details and colors

✅Foster logical thinking

✅Boost problem-solving skills 

✅Improve the ability to focus

✅Enlarge fine motor skills

✅Students learn how to keep track of multiple tasks

✅Both hands are incorporated and used simultaneously

✅ Improve the general child development   

✅Become able to develop their character

✅Learn to work with various professional tools

Comics Drawing class is full of great artists who master the power of the pencil


Learning Plan of this Creative Drawing Class 

In the fall session, we will focus on facial expressions, such as conveying happiness, fear, excitement etc. A well-drawn facial expression can tell half the story.
We also will learn to draw the human body and its proportions.

The winter session will teach students how to draw motion, including various body movements like walking, jumping, fighting, screaming, and perspective drawing. Being able to convey emotions and movements is the second step towards creating a successful comic story.

The spring session will focus on storytelling, comic planning, and composition. The perspective will be deeply observed in the background and main action line. Step 3 for a successful comic story is a good composition or the ability to organize the story.

What Makes the Comics Drawing Class More Special?

This is one of our most creative classes, full of great artists who master the power of the pencil. In general, fine drawing is a rare talent compared to other art and design talents, so this class is often small, and students can enjoy more attention from the teacher. At the same time, they have talented classmates like them, with whom they can exchange creative ideas and enrich each other.
Children with this type of talent are creative, have an accurate eye for details and proportions, are amazing story creators, and often have an incredible sense of humor.
The force is with them, right on the tip of their pencil. The pencil is as sacred as a sword for the Jedi.

What will happen if the child stops to draw?

Eh... if the children stop drawing, then everything we have said will no longer make sense.

Parents do not let their child's creativity fade out.

The pre-teens and teenage times are when many dreams and bursts of enthusiasm stop because children are often left to degrade in front of electronic devices, the brain gradually becomes lazy, and creativity disappears little by little.

That's why, dear parents, don't let this happen with your child. Every talent is a blessing, and it's your job to develop your children's strengths. Don't close your eyes and don't expect things to stick by themselves; instead, support their creative young minds.
Without parents' help, nothing and no one can develop your child's talent, so be your child's Superhero 🦸.

What Do We Teach Our Comics Drawing Students?

Many children in this class expect to create their own comics and stories, but we want to get out as much of their talent as possible and introduce them to the professional drawing level. We aim to teach them how to transform the stickman scribbling into a well-drawn and well-proportioned superhero body, for example.
Drawing a human figure sounds daunting, but we developed an easy-to-draw program that turns drawing the human body into an enjoyable exercise.

We teach our students about proportions, perspective, layering, and composition

We also teach them proportions, perspective, layering, and composition. The main focus of this class is to awaken creativity, for that reason, in addition to the drawing exercise, we have our students to create stories, which to be drawn in their comics.

What are the students in this class?

They are fantastic, smart, have an outstanding sense of humor, and are excellent storytellers. Some of them plan to be movie makers one day - so we are excited and waiting to enjoy their movie production with a box of popcorn in the movie theater.

Students in our comics drawing program have the power to create

Who is teaching this class?

Mrs. A has been teaching this class for 15 years.
"I am very blessed to teach this class and work with such creative minds. This is a hard class if you think about it, but it is the only one that makes me relaxed and move to a different world. This is the class where creativity, imagination, and the pencil's power are the main tools" - Says Mrs. A