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Young Architects class for kids 8-18

Spring Session start  March 2

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5 benefits from Young Architects for your child

*Reduce stress
*Improve the abilities to focus
*Promote Creativity
*Develop Problem-solving Abilities
*Build self-confidence

Promote Creativity

The ability to be creative is vital to the success of our children and the well-being of our world.
Look at these chandelier lights, they are made out of q-tips.
The world needs more & better creative minds.
With Young Architects, your child will learn to think and be more creative, make beautiful spaces and have fun designing their dream rooms. AnetaArtClasses is a space where your child can comfortably express themselves, which boosts self-confidence in kids and makes them more organized in art and craft and at home and school.

Improve the abilities to focus

Our art courses are created to keep our students immersed. Our exciting atmosphere ensures that they focus on the task at hand while still having fun. Your child will work with objects of various textures and sizes. Activities such as placing a tiny pillow on their bed or making a tiny chest for their bedroom, and working with patterns and colors improve their fine motor skills and ability to focus. It also helps their long and short-term memory.
In Young Architects your child will develop a passion for their work while learning to accept their mistakes and imperfections. Working on their project boosts their self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment, you cannot imagine how proud are they!

Reduce stress & anxiety

Children live in big stress like us, adults but are often neglected. Stress in kids' lives often leads to hardship in school, difficulty falling asleep, socializing, and talking. Kids usually don’t receive the stress relief they need. While our classes are educational, we ensure that our students genuinely enjoy themselves during our classes. 
Many types of research show that kids much more easily can express their inner self with drawing and painting, instead of talking. Printing & drawing are some of the main tools we use in our Young Architects.

Develop Problem-solving Abilities

Having strong problem-solving skills is a necessity in life. Our art and craft class helps your child develop these skills while building and creating interior designs or architectural design projects. Most people think of art as a soft skill, teaching children to appreciate beauty and encouraging self-expression. However, many child development professionals point to art and craft as the primary way kids develop problem-solving skills. We show them how to design beautiful houses step by step and create all of these tiny beautiful furniture and art pieces. Also, by working in a group, they can see other students' ways of resolving certain situations.

Build self-confidents

When students work on their Architectural or Interior Design project, this boosts their self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment, you cannot imagine how proud are our students at the end of each class