We are giving you personal touch

We know how hard is to work and then pick up your child from school and of course no time for shopping, or you have other sibling going to other class or just need personal time.
Mothers we heard you, we  know how herd is sometimes to handle more than one afterschool program, when having two or more children, if you are early or late picking your child – this is not a problem, we are here for you.
For all parents of students in-person - we are right next to Costco Schaumburg, where you can do your shopping, while you are waiting for your child, also right next to us there is a nice fitness for adults, were you can have your work out done, and taking care of shape of you.
We conveniently created our afterschool classes back to back so many parents use this opportunity if they need more personal time. Their students kids are having fun with friends and at the same time learning live important skills like being creative and sharp thinker.
For online student – having your child in our programs is grate time to have your dinar done since your youth power is busy in our classes.